Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Peptide Treatment in Sydney

Peptide treatment and its demand has seen it grow significantly over the last few years. Peptides which in simple terms are known as “small proteins” can be administered in the form of a cream or an injection. The recommended dosage and frequency varies depending on the type of peptide as well as the age and body weight of the patient. Peptides have many benefits which include:
  • -          Reducing body fat
  • -          Increasing lean body tissue and strength
  • -          Acting as an anti-aging treatment
  • -          Helping with injuries
  • -          Improving overall health
  • -          Improving ones sex drive

Peptide treatment begins with a face to face consultation with a qualified Doctor that is very experienced and knowledgeable in the field of peptide treatment. Unfortunately some people are ordering peptides online without following the above recommended advice.
In Sydney, clients can request a consultation with Dr Rhett Bosnich in order to be medically assessed and recommended the appropriate combination of peptides to suit their ultimate goal. Our Pyrmont consulting rooms in Sydney are only a 6 minute drive from George Street in the City or a 20 minute walk from Town Hall train Station.

Once assessed for peptide treatment in Sydney, Dr Bosnich will respond to the patient in writing usually within 2 business days with information about the recommended treatment. If this is something that the client wishes to pursue they are instructed to call the clinic to place the order over the phone. Dr Bosnich will then request for the peptide to be made by a compounding pharmacy and then posted out to the client’s home address. 

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