Thursday, 2 July 2015

How To Groom After Eyebrow Transplant Surgery

Regardless of whether you have had an eyebrow hair transplant procedure or not, the ‘cutting method’ is preferable to the ‘plucking method’ because you will retain hair density within your desired eyebrow zone, says Dr Rhett Bosnich, Hair Transplant Surgeon of Melbourne and Sydney, Australia.

Dr Rhett Bosnich MBBS, ABHRS, FFMACCS, an internationally renowned Hair Transplant Surgeon, of Melbourne and Sydney is one of the few Hair Transplant Surgeons in Australia performing eyebrow transplant surgery in Melbourne, called Newin Institute. He is one of the only surgeons capable of performing eyebrow transplant surgery using either of the two common harvesting methods: FUG (donor strip incision) and FUE (ultra-fine punch).
“Eyebrow transplant surgery may appeal to you because you have thin or non-existent hairs from years of over-plucking over the years. A skilled eyebrow hair transplant surgeon can reconstruct your brows whatever your age, face shape or eye shape, however, you do need to know how to groom and look after the following the procedure.” says Dr Bosnich. “For the bet results, transplanted hairs usually come from the scalp rather than other parts of the body. So they will continue to grow quite quickly and regular cutting is required for optimal maintenance.”

 “Whether you have had an eyebrow transplant or not, when grooming the browsthe ‘cutting method’ is preferred over the ‘plucking method’ because this allows you to maintain hair density within your desired eyebrow shape.” He says. “One should never pluck individual hairs out of your desired eyebrow zone. These hairs are far too precious – especially if they have been transplanted. You should reserve the plucking method for stray individual hairs that fall outside the actual eyebrow shape you want to maintain.”

Dr Rhett Bosnich and his team have been performing eyebrow transplant surgery in Melbourne for many years. Dr Bosnich regularly attends workshops by fellow ABHRS Surgeons, so he continues to hone his skills and techniques, including Hollywood eyebrow transplant surgeon to the stars: Dr Sara Wasserbauer of San Francisco. The majority of eyebrow transplants that Dr Bosnich performs occur in his Melbourne Hair Transplant Clinic, but the occasional surgery is performed in Sydney. Most interstate patients are quite happy to travel to Melbourne to ensure the best surgery. It’s an investment you can’t skimp on and ongoing post-surgical maintenance and grooming is part of retaining that investment.

“We summarise our guideline for grooming after eyebrow transplant surgery into 6 steps. Firstly, if you have chosen surgery to fill-in prexisting eyebrows that are a little on the thin side, then you may have some stray hairs in the upper eye lid area. It’s okay to pluck these up to your desired eyebrow zone. Anything within the desired eyebrow zone should be cut with scissors. Take a clean eyebrow comb or wand and brush downwards. Carefully trim a little of the excess length. Next, brush the hairs upwards and once again trim a little of the excess. You can repeat these steps until you are happy with the look, but always compare left and right sides to ensure they match.”

Dr Bosnich also recommends gently massaging the eyebrow area once the transplanted follicles heal. He says that although they implant the follicles with careful consideration to angulation, depth and direction of hair growth, some training is required to assist obtaining the final result several months down the track.

“Long gentle strokes from the inner corner to the outer corner with a little wax or gel can help train the direction of growth of hairs and keep them in place during the working day. It doesn’t hurt to apply it at night, too if you can.” Says Dr Bosnich.

The duration of an eyebrow transplant procedure is not very long – about 4 hours, butthe length of surgerydepends on how many grafts are required to be transplanted to restore your eyebrows. Usually about 150 follicles per eyebrow is enough for a really great result. Prices vary depending on the size of surgery, but are on average around $4000.

For more information and a personal consultation please contact Dr Rhett Bosnich on 1300 360 764

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